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Gabriel June was born in 1959 in Romania. His hometown, a beautiful medieval city called Sighișoara, is placed aproximately in the center of the country, an area mostly known as Transylvania, wich is encircled by the Carpathian Mountains. The city is also the birth place of Vlad Țepeș - the inspiration of Bram Stocker's Dracula - that is part of each summer's medieval festival celebration, attracting a growing number of tourists each year. By creating clay sculptures and sketches to keep himself entertained, his discovery for the visual arts had started at a young age. Later, a career in law required him to travel more than to spend time for his passion. However, his degrees in juridical and political science helped him get a better understanding of the world surrounding him. In the summer of 1998, along with his wife and child, Gabriel emigrated into the United States. After a short adjustment period, as well as taking some time to settle in Los Angeles, he had fallen in love with his new home. Having been fed by the beautiful scenery of California and its surroundings, his passion for art had been reignited once again. Much of his artwork covers a variety of subjects: from natural landscapes, to still images and portraits, using all of the basic mediums (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, etc.) As with anything you do: if you work hard at it, strive for perfection, and put a great deal of passion towards it, it becomes art. He hopes to share this passion, dedication, and hard work with you all in the form of beautiful works of art.